Our Story


Our story begins; much like most culinary love stories begin… a young chef with a dream, hard at work in a kitchen, in Paris.

After one particularly exhausting day our young chef took a seat to rest and spotted a unique golden pastry being baked in the oven, the smell was intoxicating, a sweet warm vanilla aroma filled the air; the young chef was inquisitive and asked to try this new delicacy… it was love at first bite.

The young chef pleaded with the baker to teach him the recipe of this unique dish, but the baker refused, however he did give one clue, he proclaimed “the only place to learn is in Bordeaux!”. without hesitation our young chef packed up his things and embarked on a new adventure, to master the techniques of this new found obsession.

This unique pastry was a Canelé and the protagonist of our story is Chef Mad.
Petit Pastry is his story.